8 Home Gym Must Have Organizational Hooks

You already have slat wall up in the space you have dedication for your home gym, but maybe you are not really sure what accessories will help organize your equipment. Here are our top 8 must have accessories to make your space work for you.

home gym accessory storage

  1. Angle Hook – We all have a large exercise ball that just rolls into us when we are mid workout. Plus, it takes up valuable floor space. Put the ball on the wall up high with 2 Angle Hooks and never worry about it rolling around again.
  2. Baskets – Using a basket is a great way to store folded towels and water bottles. You know every workout you need both, so keep them in your work our space instead of your closet.
  3. Long Hook – Keeping paper towels nearby allow you to quickly clean up your equipment after a good workout. Just like at a gym you want to keep your equipment clean and lasting long. Keeping the cleaning supplies in your fitness space will insure you keep them clean!
  4. Heavy Duty Universal Hook – Keep your yoga mat rolled up when you’re not using it. When using 2 Heavy Duty Universal Hooks you can hang them horizontally.
  5. Universal Hook – Hand weighs are held perfectly with the Universal Hook, getting them off the floor make more space for you to work out. Plus, you won’t need to bend down to the floor to grab them during your workout, protecting your back.
  6. Heavy Duty Utility Hook – The Heavy Duty Utility Hook was deigned to hold weighted balls safely so you never have to worry about them falling off.
  7. Six Prong Hooks – The Six Prong Hook is perfect accessory for holding workout bands. It let’s you organize them by color making it easy to grab what you need mid workout.
  8. Heavy Duty Cradle Hook – Put free weights for your bench press on the wall with the Heavy Duty Cradle Hook. This accessory safely gets the weights up high, yet makes them easy to grab off the wall instead of picking them up from the floor.

When organizing your smaller equipment with this list of accessories and pairing them with your larger equipment you can get a great home gym. A place you will want to work out!