Garage Slatwall 101

More and more homeowners are seeing slatwall as a storage solution within many upscale garages. It’s a great product for covering a finished or unfinished garage, but it also adds a high level of organization which is why so many are choosing slatwall to organize their garage space. Today you can find a variety of storage options from: hooks, shelves, baskets, bags, storage totes, and workbenches that ALL attach directly to the slatwall. Slatwall allows the homeowner to store nearly any item they have laying on the garage floor and move it up onto wall. In some cases, it can nearly double their storage space and make room to park a car in the garage. Think about that, a wall covering that can double the space in a garage, that’s kind of amazing!

Most people think that this level of organization is only for the upscale homeowner or those who need a contractor to install it, but that is NOT true! Anyone can install slatwall. There are two types of installation options for the DIY’er … screws or hidden fasteners. If you can read a level and use a drill, then you can install slatwall yourself! When using the preferred hidden fastener method, it will add strength to your walls allowing you to store more weight per square foot then the more traditional screw method. It is possible to outfit your entire 2 car garage in a weekend yourself!

The best part of slatwall is it can be used in more applications than the garage. It can be used inside of a home. It can be used in a pantry to add more storage, or in a laundry room. Some even use it in a workout space to keep heavy and dangerous items off the floor. Thinking outside the box it could be used to create an organized Lego space to keep those tiny Legos off your floor!

Slatwall may have been around for a while (mostly in retail stores) but we are transforming it to have endless use. Its only limitation is the use of your imagination!