Garage Storage Trends 2024: What’s New in Organization

Garage Storage Trends 2024: What’s New in Organization

The new year brings new home design and utility trends for garages. We’ll explain some common garage storage trends homeowners can expect to see in 2024 and what’s new in garage storage and organization!

Garage Renovations

While garage renovations have always been in style here at StoreWALL, there’s no denying that the garage overhaul is one of the trendiest home projects of 2024. Homeowners want to emphasize the utility of space and maximize square footage, which often means using their garage in more useful ways than as a storage facility.

Garages are great for storage, and they can be so much more! Homeowners have many more storage opportunities than boxes and totes. They can use vertical storage options like slatwall paneling for garage walls, wall organizers, and track systems.

Space-Saving Products

As mentioned, a common trend in home remodeling is saving space. With that in mind, products that save homeowners space will be a hot commodity in 2024. Overhead and multi-function storage solutions are more popular than ever! These products remove items from the floor to free up space.

Flexible Space

Many homeowners use their garages as flexible spaces for all sorts of duties. Gone are the days when you used your garage to store cars and lawnmowers. Now, you might use your garage as a home office, fitness studio, DIY workshop, or all the above! Space efficiency and versatility are common themes in 2024 garage remodeling trends.

Stay With the Trends With StoreWALL

Maximizing floor space and storage utility is crucial for all these trends, and StoreWALL can help every garage owner do just that with our slatwall paneling and accessories. Our high-quality and durable slatwall panels make vertical storage in your garage easy and turn it into a flexible space for anything you want your garage to be. With StoreWall, you’ll always be up to date with what’s new in organization and garage storage trends for 2024! Browse our inventory of slatwall paneling and more today!