How and Where to Start Your Garage Organization Project

Congratulations, you have decided to start organizing your garage! It can be a daunting task as this space in your home stores more items than any other in your home. Let’s break it down into an easy plan!

Divide and sort out your items into categories:

Before you can start with installing your wall covering, you need to empty the space. Instead of just moving everything out, this is a good time to sort your items. We suggest these categories, but of course do what fits your lifestyle and space!

  • Sports
  • Bikes
  • Tools
  • Garden
  • Home Items
  • Holiday Storage
  • Trash
  • Donate

Hang your slatwall

Now that the space is empty it’s time to hang your slatwall. Follow the installation directions whether you are doing a screw or hidden fastener installation. Once done don’t forget to add the finishing touches such as outlet covers, trim for the corners, around window/doors, and any exposed edges.

Zone your space

Now that the walls are up it is time to start planning where your items are going to go to give you the best flow. The biggest part of organization is to have a system in place to keep like items near each other. We suggest zoning your space. This allows you to easily put items away but also to makes it fast and easy to find your items! Using the categories you sorted your items into as zones, find the right spot for them in your garage. Be sure to have a place near the door for items such as shoes, coats and backpacks and a trash zone near your garage door.

Hanging accessories and bringing in your items

You have done most of the work and now it is time to bring your items into your garage! Within your zones it’s time to hang the accessories. Think about how you will be using each zone, let’s take gardening for example. Be sure, every day/weekly items are easily accessible. Place the lawnmower in and then hang accessories for gloves, shovels, or hoses around the handle of the lawnmower. Then place a workbench near it, with a small shelf or basket above the workbench to put smaller item used often. Use the top of the wall space in this zone for items used less often, we suggest shelves with totes or baskets. Continue this process for all your zones and remember to put items used less often up high and daily items at eye level!

After doing all the cleaning, installation, and organization you finished! With systems in place and all your items having a designated “spot” you will now be able to spend less time cleaning or searching for items and more time doing the things you love!