How to Best Store ALL Your Winter Gear

Winter always seems to sneak up on us, and it’s important to make sure you have easy access to some winter gear to keep your family safe after a snowstorm. Hands down the best way to store your winter items is on PVC slatwall.

We suggest PVC Slatwall for many reason. The wall is made of PVC which is a great material as it is protected from moisture, weather and climate fluctuations. But our favorite reason is because it’s just so flexible in how your store your items. In winter you need to have easy access to the items you need to keep the snow and ice away. Many keep these items tucked away in the back of the garage where it is not easy to get access to them when they are needed. By using slatwall you can move your seasonal items around your garage giving you access the items you need most during each season.

If your like us you have items such as snow shovels, snow blowers, winter boots, winter jackets, ice scrappers, and salt. The problem is you might not have them all in the same place. We suggest when organizing your winter items, you make a list and pick out an accessory for each. There are tons of accessories to choose from but we suggest the following for these winter items:

  • Snow shovel – Cradle Hook
  • Large ice scraper – Cradle Hook
  • Winter boots – Angle Shelf
  • Salt – Small Wire Shelf
  • Winter jackets – 2.5” Hook

Now that you know the accessories to use it is time to move them into place on your wall near your garage door. If you have a snow blower park that against your wall first, then start placing your accessories around that. We suggest putting your boots closer to the ground then hang jackets above it, then placing the other accessories around these to maximize your space.

Once you have everything organized in the way you like best, you can be rest assured that when the next snow storm comes you will not spend time looking for the items you need.

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