How to Get Started Storing Your Tools

Don’t let storing your tools stress you out. It can be a simple process and give you the workspace your neighbors wish they had. Let’s look at commonly owned tools that are hard to store and see what slatwall accessories will help you store them best!


The Tool Organizer is best for screwdrivers. With the holes built into the shelf you can drop them in place and still see them all at one time.

Another option is the Magnetic Bar. This is equally as good as the magnet is strong enough to hold them all!

Power Tools

When it coming to storing power tools you have tons of options. But start by looking if your tool has a cord or has a battery. If it has a cord be sure to get an accessory that can hold the cord.

Saw Blades

Storing saw blades can be tricky, but by using simple hook accessories you will be able to find them quickly and know they are stored safely.

Make sure you have accesses to see your tools. This ensures your project gets done and you’re not wasting time looking for the tools you need. Plus, if every tool has a home clean-up is as quick as finding your tools.