How To Know if Slatwall is the Right Fit for You

Have you been thinking of slatwall and wondering if it is the right product for you? First, you need to think of all your wall options and what space you are looking to use it in.

When it comes to covering walls for organization you have lots of options, let’s dig into the pros and cons for each when it comes to organization so you can find the right option for you.

  • Drywall – Drywall gives a clean and visually appealing surface, but it doesn’t give much of any storage options. If you go this route of course you can customize the wall coloring easily with paint, but your best storage options would be to use free standing shelfs.

  • Pegboard – Pegboard is an easy to apply wall covering that can also be budget friendly. Just screw it into your studs or over existing drywall and you’re ready to go. It can also be visually customized with paint! Pegboard hooks and other accessories allow you to have flexible storage for small items, but has limits when it comes to weight and storing larger items. Many use this wall surface in craft rooms or for small tools in a workshop. One thing to note, the hook accessories fall out easily and can only hold an item or two due to the size of the accessory. This is a good fit for many.

  • Slatwall – Slatwall is another very easy wall covering to apply. It can be hung with 2 different options, with screws directly through the slatwall, or with a hidden installation option that gives it a seamless look and increases its weight capacity. Many companies offer classic finish options as well as woodgrains, or metallic finishes. Slatwall is the most versatile when it comes to storage as you to put the storage accessory exactly where you need them, or quickly move them to different spot as your storage needs change. Plus, there are just more accessory options, hooks, baskets, bines, shelves, and workbenches … this just isn’t available in any other wall covering. Best part of slatwall as a wall covering is both the wall and the accessories are stronger than other options allowing you to put heavier items on the wall.

Only you know what wall covering option is best for your project, but slatwall does allow more customizable options from finishes, to end use. It can be applied in a garage, basement, workout space, craft room, pantry, closet … really anywhere!