Quick Guide to Picking Garage Storage Hooks for Your Needs

Quick Guide to Picking Garage Storage Hooks for Your Needs

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to finding vertical storage hooks for garages. But with so many options, finding the best hooks for your garage can be a bit confusing. Below, our quick guide will help you pick the garage storage hooks that best suit your garage’s needs!

Bike Storage

Many garage owners like to vertically store their bikes to keep them out of the way and free up some floor space, especially in the off-season. There are specific bike storage hooks that garage owners can use, but other hooks also work just as well for bike storage. Most short, universal hooks will fit with bikes and cradle or J-hooks. Just make sure they’re heavy-duty hooks built to hold the weight of the bikes for a long time.

Tools and Supplies Storage

If you want to vertically store your workshop tools and supplies, plenty of slatwall panel hooks are ideal for such storage. Small universal hooks are great options, as they can fit hammers and other tools, and single hooks are also great for storing individual items like wrenches. Consider loop or tripod tool hooks for storing small tools like screwdrivers and pliers.

Lawn Equipment Storage

If you have a lot of lawn equipment and supplies to store, there’s no shortage of options. Heavy-duty or ultra-duty wide and universal hooks are strong enough to support lawnmowers and other garden equipment easily. S-hooks are great for storing rakes, and the box hook makes it safe and easy to store heavy-duty shears. If you want to vertically store a power tool, consider our power tool bracket.

Sports Equipment Storage

If you have tons of sports equipment like bags, sports balls, racquets, pads, and more taking up space in your garage, we can help with that too! As usual, the universal hook is always a solid option, but a pair of wide hooks makes it easy to store racquets. Single hooks and disc hooks make hanging sports bags on the wall much easier, and we even have tri-ski hooks to make storing those pesky and awkward skis a breeze.

Home Gym Storage

If your garage also doubles as a home gym, plenty of hook options make storing all of your equipment easy. Heavy-duty universal and cradle hooks can hold all kinds of weights, including dumbbells, kettlebells, and weight plates. Angle hooks even allow you to store large medicine balls vertically, and we have six-prong hooks for hanging things like resistance bands and other equipment.

Find All the Storage Hooks You Need at StoreWALL

We hope our quick guide to picking garage storage hooks for your needs helps you find everything your garage needs to maximize its vertical storage space. If you have any questions about our products or want to install slatwall paneling for your garage, don’t hesitate to contact our staff today!