Winter Sports Storage

You love to hit the slopes once the snow comes, but keeping your gear stored properly both during the winter season as well as the off season can be tricky, especially when your storage space is limited. There are many market floor options and DIY options, but we highly suggest utilizing slatwall to store your winter gear.

Why PVS slatwall for winter sports gear storage?

That’s easy, PVC slatwall panels are impervious to moisture and changing temperatures. This makes them perfect for uncontrolled climates and rooms such as your garage! You don’t need to worry about the snow or water left on your gear ruining the walls. Plus, it makes getting clean up once home from your winter adventure so much faster as you can dry your items right where they are stored!

Why type of winter sports gear can be stored on slatwall?

All winter gear can be stored on slatwall! Skis, ski accessories, snowboards, boots, snowshoes, helmets, jackets, backpacks, and so much more.

What type of accessories are best for storing your winter sports gear?

There are tons of slatwall accessories to choose from, but you will need to find what fits your needs best. Here are a few suggestions handpicked from our experts for each winter sport:

Storing skis

We suggest an accessory such as the Tri-Ski Hook, it is perfect for holding a pair or skis, poles and still has extra places to store helmets and other accessories. You only need one accessory to hold all the gear for one person. Pair with an Angle Shelf to hold your ski boots!

Storing snowboards

When storing snowboards there is a lot to think about. You want something that won’t scratch the bottom, allows it dry, safely stores it without worrying about it falling, and is easy to take on and off. We suggest using two Angled Hooks. When using tow of this accessory you will be able to store your snowboard on an angle allowing water or snow to drip off. This hook is covered in a rubberized coating protecting your snowboard from getting scratched.

Storing snowshoes & other accessories

Storing snowshoes and other accessories is fast and easy. We suggest a 5” hook for storing items such as snowshoes, helmets, jackets, gloves goggle and more!

Using slatwall is the best storage system for winter sports gear for many reasons, but also because it is easy to maintain the organization both during the off season, and winter season. That means you will spend more time enjoying your adventure vs looking for your gear!