Dealer Signup Instructions:

The storeWALL Dealer program is available to businesses, contractors and designers who are going to resell storeWALL Garage Storage products.

    Step 1:   Please complete the set-up information below.

    Step 2:   Your business should also submit a proof of business which is one of:

                      •   A Resale Certificate

                      •   Contractor’s License

Please email a copy of your proof of business to [email protected]

Once we receive both your account set-up form, as well as your proof of business, you will receive a welcome email confirming that we’ve verified your business information and have activated your account.

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Contact us by email – [email protected] or at 866-889-2502 M-F, 9-5 CST.

Slatwall Dealer Signup Questionnaire

Contact Name(Required)

Rank your customer’s importance of the following considerations (Rank 1-5)

Quality of the products selected for the job(Required)
Quality of the installation(Required)
Price of the job(Required)
Time required to start and complete the job(Required)
Organizational expertise & problem solving(Required)

Tells a little bit about your goals and objectives (Rank 1-5)

Increase the conversion rate on quotes(Required)
Increase average job value(Required)
Increase add on sales opportunities(Required)
Increase customer satisfaction and drive more word-of-mouth business(Required)