10 Things To Consider Before Renovating Your Garage

10 Things To Consider Before Renovating Your Garage

If you’re considering giving your garage a much-needed update, you don’t want to skip any steps or miss any vital details. To help you on your journey, we’ve compiled a list of important things to consider before renovating your garage. With the right tools, information, and advice, you can make your garage more organized, functional, and stylish than ever!

1. Purpose and Functionality

Before diving into your garage renovation, it’s crucial to determine the primary purpose of your new space. Will it serve as a home office, gym, workshop, storage, or a combination of these? Or perhaps your garage is old and needs an update and a fresh coat of paint. Take the time to plan and decide on the most important elements you would like to incorporate to make your garage more functional and efficient. This way, it’ll cater to your needs and interests.

2. Lighting and Electrical Updates

A well-lit garage makes it easier to navigate and work in your space. Consider upgrading your lighting to energy-efficient LED options that can change between warm and cool hues. LED lights are also more energy-efficient to help you save on the monthly electric bill. Ensure you have enough electrical outlets to accommodate your power tool requirements, and consider installing dedicated circuits for heavy-duty appliances or equipment.

3. Flooring Options

Whether you’re aiming for comfort, durability, or both, there are various flooring options for your garage renovation. Epoxy coatings provide a resilient and stain-resistant finish, while interlocking tiles offer flexibility and ease of installation. Don’t forget to consider options for insulation and moisture control if necessary.

In addition to the above flooring options, you may also want to consider concrete stains or polished concrete for a sleek and low-maintenance surface. Carpet tiles can provide cushioning and warmth, while rubber mats offer shock absorption for workout areas. Ultimately, the right flooring choice will depend on your desired look, budget, and functionality.

4. Insulation and Ventilation

As you renovate your garage, don’t overlook the importance of proper insulation and ventilation. Especially if you’ll be using your garage as a workshop where you’ll work with potentially harmful chemicals and fumes, ventilation is essential for safety. Furthermore, insulation will help keep the space warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, saving on energy bills. You may even want to consider adding a window to provide better airflow in the garage space.

5. Bike Storage

One of the essential things to consider before renovating your garage is proper storage, especially for larger and more awkwardly shaped items like bikes. Storing bikes can be a pain, but a slatwall bike rack offers an efficient, space-saving solution that keeps your bikes secure and organized. With various designs available, you can easily customize your bike storage to fit any size or type of bicycle.

6. Wall and Ceiling Storage Solutions

If your garage is short on floor space, you’ll want to do all you can to use its walls and ceiling to maximize storage potential. Numerous options are available, but the best and most efficient use of vertical storage space comes when you get a slatwall.

A slatwall storage space is easy to install and useful for hanging and storing practically anything you’ll keep in your garage, from tools to heavy equipment. A slatwall allows homeowners to create a clutter-free space and keep their items easily accessible.

7. Security and Safety

Homeowners can’t forget about safety and security for their garage, and it should always be a priority during your renovation. Especially if you’re storing valuable or sentimental items in the garage, you should invest in security measures to ensure your valuables remain well protected.

Install high-quality locks on your doors and windows, and consider adding a security system or surveillance cameras for added peace of mind. Don’t forget to include adequate fire extinguishers and carbon monoxide detectors in the space. Moreover, ensure that you properly store hazardous materials (such as chemicals or flammable items) in designated areas where they won’t harm your family or pets.

8. Custom Cabinets and Workbenches

Custom cabinets are great investments for your garage renovation, as they offer storage solutions tailored to your specific needs and space. You can choose from various materials, such as wood, metal, or plastic, to create durable and functional cabinets that fit seamlessly into your garage’s design.

A workbench is also an excellent addition to any garage, providing a designated space for projects and hobbies. Putting a slatwall above a workbench is a great way to keep your tools and equipment organized and easily accessible.

9. Plumbing Requirements

If your renovated garage includes a workshop or any space requiring water access, planning for plumbing updates is essential. This may involve installing a sink, water supply lines, or even a floor drain to ensure proper drainage in case of spills or leaks.

10. Budget and Timeline

Last but not least, before you start your garage renovation project, you must establish a realistic budget and timeline. This will help you stay on track and avoid overspending or falling behind schedule. The last thing that any homeowner wants is for a renovation project to spiral out of control and become a money pit. Consider consulting professionals for accurate cost estimates and advice on the necessary tasks and materials for your renovation.

Bonus: The Exterior of Your Garage

While most renovation projects focus on the interior of a space, you shouldn’t forget to consider updating your garage’s exterior as well. This can include repainting or replacing old doors and windows, adding new lighting fixtures, or incorporating landscaping elements like flower beds or hedges.

Not only can updating your garage’s exterior enhance its curb appeal, but it can also help improve the overall value of your property. Consider coordinating the design and color scheme with your home’s exterior for a cohesive look.

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10 Things To Consider BeforeRenovating Your Garage