Ways To Use Slatwall To Store and Organize Holiday Décor

Ways To Use Slatwall To Store and Organize Holiday Décor

The holiday season is over, and while it may be painful to take down the tree, light, and decorations, they can’t stay up forever. Storing and organizing holiday decorations is messy for many homeowners, but it doesn’t have to be when you use slatwall! Below, we explain ways homeowners can use slatwall to store and organize their holiday décor easily and efficiently.

Hang Wreaths and Garlands on Hooks

Wreaths and garlands make for wonderful holiday decorations but aren’t the easiest to store. Wreaths especially can be quite big, and most don’t fit in a standard box due to their awkward shape. One simple way to store your wreaths and garlands is to hang them on slatwall hooks! Hang them high so that they’re out of the way and easy to find. Then, you can remove them when it’s time to break out the decorations next year.

Use Bins and Totes for Ornaments

Ornaments are especially difficult to store due to their fragility and awkward shape. One simple way to keep them organized and safely stored is with simple plastic slatwall bins and totes for vertical storage. Consider using clear plastic totes and bins to identify which ornaments and decorations are stored where.

Pro Tip: Organize ornaments by color to make it easier to find the ones you’re looking for when it’s time to decorate the Christmas tree again!

Wrap String Lights on Hooks

Holiday string lights are also difficult to store, as they can easily become disorganized and tangled, damaging the lights and making them a nightmare to take out next year. One simple way to use slatwall to store and organize holiday décor like string lights is by wrapping them on a coffee can and hanging the can on a hook. You’ll always know where they are, and your lights won’t be a tangled mess the next time you need to put them up!

Utilize High Shelves

If you’re storing holiday décor using boxes and shelves, it’s wise to consider large, highly placed shelves that go above your other tools and equipment on your slatwall. These large slatwall shelves make storing your bigger boxes and items easy, and you can place them high on your slatwall so that they’re not in the way of your other storage items.

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