4 Creative Ways To Keep Your Pool House Organized

4 Creative Ways To Keep Your Pool House Organized

Having a pool is great for creating summer memories with family, but the chaos of all the items for maintenance and fun can be overwhelming. There’s so much to organize, from pool maintenance supplies to noodles to beach towels. Let us help you stay neat in the heat with these creative ways to keep your pool house organized.

Hanging Baskets

Pools require many chemicals, like chlorine and sodium bicarbonate, to stay crystal clear. These substances are toxic, and the last thing you want is your children getting into them, so you must store them somewhere safe.

We recommend storing pool maintenance items in baskets on the slatwall, as you’d normally use in a garage. Garage slatwall panels allow you to keep hazardous pool supplies out of the way of young children while keeping them accessible for you.


Pool vacuums are tricky to store because of their long attachments. Some people keep them tucked away on the floor, but that can quickly become a tripping hazard.

We recommend using a combination of hook accessories to store your pool vacuum. A universal hook can easily hold the vacuum itself, and you can hang the long hose right next to it (without detaching it from the vacuum) with a heavy-duty utility hook.

Bungee Cords

You can have fun in the pool without floats! And your kids probably convinced you to buy an assortment of pool toys for this summer. When storing the classic donut-shaped float, a heavy-duty universal hook with a rubberized grip will hold them securely against a slatwall without slipping.

A bungee cord with a close loop hook can firmly secure long pool floats or beds to the slatwall. Bungee cords come in various lengths, but keep this rule of thumb in mind: the longer the bungee cord, the better!


Another creative way to organize your pool house is with some brackets on the slatwall. Everyone loves the feeling of grabbing a rolled towel at a high-end water facility or resort, and you can have the same experience at your pool house with a tote and some brackets on slatwall!

By attaching brackets on slatwall around the width of your tote, you can rest the handles on the brackets, making it easy to bring the tote to your pool and grab towels when needed!

These organization tips, paired with slatwall, will let you spend less time looking for the items you need and more time using them. Here’s a plus: clean up will be a breeze for the whole family! If you’d like to install slatwall panels in your pool house, have any questions, or need help with the installation, contact our expert staff at storeWALL today!