Tips for Keeping Your Grilling Tools Organized

Tips for Keeping Your Grilling Tools Organized

We love to grill, but organizing all the equipment, accessories, and tools can be a headache. Let us help you organize your grilling tools with our useful tips below!

Keep Grill Utensils Separate

The best way to organize grilling utensils and other supplies is by separating them from your other home kitchen supplies. If you keep your grilling stuff in the kitchen mixed in with the other cooking utensils, you may confuse yourself. It’ll also be difficult to grab what you’re looking for when you need it.

Keep all your grilling tools in a separate space out of the indoor kitchen. This way, you’ll know where everything is when needed. If you don’t have separate grilling tools already, investing in utensils that you’ll only use for grilling is wise.

Utilize Vertical Storage

Utilizing vertical storage is a great tip for keeping your grilling tools organized. Vertical storage makes it much easier to find your grilling tools when you need them instead of sorting through drawers and bins. It also makes them much easier to access.

A garage wall storage system with Slatwall panels, hooks, baskets, and brackets makes it easy to vertically store all your grilling equipment in one place, out of the way of everything else. If you always keep your grill in the same spot, such as in the corner of your backyard patio, consider installing slatwall panels on the wall above the grill. All your tools will be in one convenient location.

Install Magnetic Strips

Magnetic strips, along with vertical storage hooks and baskets, are excellent tools for grilling organization. A magnetic strip makes storing and accessing them a breeze, especially if you always use metal spatulas, tongs, and other small utensils.

Magnetic strips are easy to install, affordable, and can go anywhere you need them.

Get a Rolling Cart

If you’re a barbecue maestro with a large assortment of spices, rubs, and sauces that you love to grill with, consider putting them all in one place with a rolling cart. A portable cart is an excellent way to store grilling supplies like ingredients, grilling trays, and perhaps a cooler if you love to enjoy a cold one when barbecuing.

With a rolling cart, you can keep all your miscellaneous grilling items in one place and move them around when necessary to take them from the prep table to the grill easily and conveniently.


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