4 Tips To Pick the Best Paints & Finishes for Your Slatwall

4 Tips To Pick the Best Paints & Finishes for Your Slatwall

When getting slatwall panels, garage and business owners shouldn’t overlook the color and finish of the panels. Below, we offer simple tips to help you pick the best paints and finishes for your slatwall panels!

Neutral Colors Are Best

Neutral colors are often hailed for their versatility and timeless appeal, making them the best choice for slatwalls in various contexts. Shades like beige, taupe, and gray are ideal backdrops, allowing stored items to stand out without competing for attention. They also offer the flexibility to seamlessly adapt to changing seasons and trends while maintaining sophistication and simplicity.

Choose a Paint or Finish That Complements the Floor

When selecting a paint or finish for your slatwall, it’s vital to consider your flooring as part of the overall design. Floors can either complement or distract from your slatwall. If your flooring is patterned or has a strong color, choose a slatwall finish that is subtle to avoid clashing elements. For more monochromatic floors, feel free to opt for textures or sheens in your slatwall finish that add visual interest and depth.

Consider the Lighting

Good lighting is essential for making the most out of your slatwall finishes. It can dramatically impact the way colors and textures are perceived. Opt for a paint finish that will complement both natural and artificial lighting. Matte finishes can minimize glare and give a sophisticated touch; glossier finishes might highlight imperfections but also add vibrancy to brighter spaces. Consider how daylight interacts with your space throughout the day, and choose a hue and finish that maintains consistency across varying lighting conditions. Always sample your paint choices in different lighting situations to ensure you achieve the desired effect.

Consider Accent Colors for Shelves and Accessories

If you want more diversity and pop in your slatwall color, painting specific shelves and accessories can help. When choosing accents, consider colors that contrast yet complement the main palette of the wall. These pops of color can be in the form of bright shelf edges or vibrant brackets, adding visual interest and serving the functional purpose of organizing and color-coding tools and equipment. Be mindful of the balance between neutrality and color, ensuring the accents harmonize with the primary colors rather than overpower them.

Find Your Desired Slatwall Color at StoreWALL

We hope our tips help you pick the best paint and finish for your garage and slatwall. At StoreWALL, you can find the ideal colors for your garage thanks to our large selection of garage slatwall panels in many paints and finishes. Browse our inventory or contact our staff if you’d like to learn more.