Bike Storage Hooks vs. Racks: Which Is the Right Fit?

Bike Storage Hooks vs. Racks: Which Is the Right Fit?

Owning a bike is great until it comes time to store it! The large and awkward shape of bicycles can make them a headache to put away, which is why storage hooks and racks are essential for any bike owner. Below, we break down the differences between bike storage hooks and racks to help you find the right fit for you.

What’s a Bike Storage Hook?

As one could guess, a bike storage hook is a hook that owners mount to a wall from which to hang their bikes. There are various versions of bike storage hooks. The most common are simple J-hooks, but other types are also useful. Bike storage hooks are easy to install, affordable, and make it simple to store your bikes vertically. Just slip the hook around the bike’s front wheel, and presto—you can hang your bike on the wall easily.

What’s a Bike Storage Rack?

On the other hand, a bike storage rack can be a little different depending on the rack. Like hooks, some bike storage racks mount on the wall for vertical storage, such as storeWALL’s selection of Steadyrack mounts. Those are for vertical storage. But there are also freestanding bike racks that aren’t for the wall but allow owners to raise their bikes off the ground. While these are handy, they take up floor space, unlike a garage wall bike rack.

Which Bike Storage Should I Choose?

We’ve explained bike storage hooks and racks, but which is the right fit for you? Much of it depends on the type of bike you own, where you plan to store it, and how much space you have in storage. If you want to save on floor space, a bike storage hook or vertical wall mount is ideal. However, if you have a heavy electric bike, mountain bike, or fat tire bike, a simple hook may not be enough. You may need a more structurally durable sound rack. However, a simple vertical rack or hook does the job for most bikers.

Find Bike Storage Hooks and Racks at storeWALL

Whether you need a heavy-duty bike rack or a simple J-hook to hang your bike, storeWALL can help! Among our wide selection of garage slatwall accessories are numerous items for easily storing bikes, from mounted wall brackets to heavy-duty hooks. We even have bike storage bundles so that you can get storage hooks or racks you need. We also offer other storage accessories for organizing your other biking equipment, including helmets, water bottles, and more. Browse our selection of bike storage accessories to find the perfect storage option at storeWALL today!