Things To Consider Before Building a Backyard Storage Shed

Things To Consider Before Building a Backyard Storage Shed

Are you thinking of building a new backyard shed? Before you do, explore our guide on important things to consider before building a backyard storage shed, from local building codes to the shed’s foundation and more!

Local Building Codes

The first thing you should do before constructing or even planning a new shed build is visit your local building authorities. You don’t want to be penalized with a fine or forced by local officials to stop construction midway if you don’t follow applicable regulations, so make sure all your paperwork is in order before beginning.

Consult with the local county or city zoning department before planning or building, as there may be restrictions regarding where you can build the shed, the design of it, or even how you build it. Once you get the green light on your plan, you can begin buying materials and start working.

Function & Location

One of the primary things to consider before building a backyard storage shed is its function and location. It’s obviously a storage shed, but what will you be storing? Lawn care equipment, workshop tools, spillover items from the garage, or all of the above?

Once you’ve determined the primary function, you can choose a convenient location in your backyard; that could mean placing it near the house for easier access or tucked away and out of sight. And whatever you’re storing in your shed, storeWALL can help you keep it organized with slatwall panels and slatwall accessories for accessible vertical storage.

Building Materials

You will want to consider the materials you need to build your new storage shed. Many DIY shed builders opt for the cheapest materials to save money, but it’s always best to go with high-quality and durable materials, whether you’re building a vinyl, wood, or metal shed. The cheap stuff may save you a little cash now, but these materials tend to degrade faster and are more susceptible to problems like rot, termites, and more. Save yourself the trouble of frequent repairs and replacements by investing in high-quality building materials for your new shed.

Site & Foundation

The site and foundation are integral to building a quality shed. You’ll want to build your shed in a stable and level location to avoid water accumulation around the foundation.

There are a few options to consider when building the foundation—you can pour a concrete slab with sill plates on top or use masonry blocks on roughly four inches of gravel. Weigh the pros and cons of each method for your shed to find the one best suited for your needs.

We hope these things to consider help you through the process of building your ideal backyard storage shed. And remember, whatever you decide to store in your shed, storeWALL slatwall products can help you keep everything organized. Browse our website to find slatwall items for your new shed today.