How To Make the Most of Your Storage Shed Space

How To Make the Most of Your Storage Shed Space

Storage sheds are often small structures packed to the brim with everything from lawn equipment to working tools and sports gear. If you need to organize your storage shed because it’s too packed, we’ll show you how to make the most out of the space you have below.

Install Slatwall Paneling

A great place to start when organizing your storage shed space is by installing a wall (or two) of slatwall panels. Slatwall is the most versatile and convenient storage solution because it opens the entire wall for vertical storage.

Once the slatwall is up, you can pick and choose where to hang and store practically everything from power tools to lawn equipment with hooks, baskets, and slatwall shelves. And if you ever need to reorganize or move things around, it’s easy to adjust the slatwall accessories.

Get Utility Hooks

Once you’ve installed the slatwall paneling in the storage shed, you’ll need some accessories to maximize the vertical storage of your new wall. There are many ways to utilize your slatwall, but one of the most versatile and convenient is to get utility hooks.

Utility hooks are great for hanging practically anything you need to keep in your storage shed, from bikes to sporting equipment to chairs. While you can have too many cooks in the kitchen, you can never have too many hooks in the tool shed!

Use Hanging Jars

Clear jars are excellent for storing small items and things like nails, screws, and bolts, but you don’t want a dozen jars on your workbench or shelf taking up a ton of storage space. Using a hanging jar system under a work bench or shelf is a simple and convenient solution.

Installing a hanging jar storage system is affordable, convenient, and a fun DIY project for a day or two. All you need is to glue the lid of a screw-top jar underneath a bench or shelf, then screw in the jar with the items, and you’ll have all your miscellaneous supplies securely stored and out of the way.

Put a Magnetic Bar on the Wall

Magnetic bars are typically in household kitchens for vertically storing knives, but they’re also great tools for storage shed organization! If you have lots of metal tools like hammers, screwdrivers, files, etc., a magnetic strip on the wall makes storage easy.

A magnetic strip takes the tools out of your workbenches or toolbox and puts them on display so that you always know where they are and can grab them and go immediately. You can find one at many home department stores or make your own with a magnetic strip and wood block!

Organize Cords

Loose and tangled cords are some of the most frustrating things to store in a tool shed. They could be electrical cords for your equipment or just extension cords for certain occasions, but they always seem to get in the way.

Luckily, there’s a simple way to organize and store loose cords out of the way: hooks. Some simple hooks and brackets on the wall make hanging up and storing loose cords hassle free. Finding the cord you need at a moment’s notice is much easier.

Install Exterior Hooks for Garden Tools

One thing that many shed owners overlook is the storage capacity of the exterior of their shed. Some become so preoccupied with fitting everything inside they don’t consider that there are plenty of things they can hang on the outside, such as garden tools and equipment.

If your shed is safely secluded and you don’t have to worry about thieves, feel free to hang garden tools like shovels, hoes, and rakes on the exterior wall of the shed. All you need to do is mount some hooks and brackets on the outside of the shed to immediately free up tons of space inside for other items.

Use Drawer Organizers

Often, the drawers of a workbench are the most disorganized spaces in the entire storage shed. Many of us fall into the habit of throwing miscellaneous items like screwdrivers, tape measures, gloves, and whatever else into a drawer so that they’re out of the way and we can deal with them later.

Decluttering and organizing those chaotic drawers will save you time and frustration the next time you need to find something. Some simple drawer organizers can make a huge difference in your drawer storage, and you can find many for just a few bucks at any department or home store.

Consider Rolling Cart Shelving

Shelves are your best friend when making the most out of your storage shed space. While you can hang up plenty of secured shelves, freestanding rolling cart shelving is another great storage solution.

Rolling carts are convenient because they provide multiple shelves, store items like power tools and equipment, and hold baskets and boxes for smaller storage. And a rolling cart is a great option because it allows you to move the shelves and bring them inside or outside as needed.

Utilize Shed Door Space

Too often, shed owners overlook their shed doors as vertical storage options. If you have limited space, using the shed doors for vertical storage is like adding another wall to your shed!

There are plenty of storage solutions for doors, from hanging baskets to hooks, shelves, storage cubes, and more. Just be more cautious whenever you open the shed doors to ensure your supplies and tools don’t fall off!

Obtain a Garden Hose Holder

The garden hose is another pesky item that many of us have to store that often gets in the way. The simplest solution is to install a garden hose holder outside your storage shed.

A garden hose holder lets you securely wrap the hose without worrying about knots. And you can find a garden hose holder at a hardware store or make one with scrap wood and a few nails.

Hang a Pallet

You may wonder why you’d ever want to hang a pallet in your storage shed, but it’s a popular DIY storage solution. People have converted pallets into all kinds of things, from headboards to tables and vertical gardens, and one of the most popular is a hanging organizer.

One of the reasons they’re so popular is because it’s easy to find a cheap or free pallet. Furthermore, it only requires a few changes before it’s ready for use. The pallet slats act as natural shelving and storage for tools and items, so consider this option for your tool shed!

Where To Get Slatwall for Your Storage Shed

If you’re ready to organize your storage shed and want to install some slatwall paneling, storeWALL can help! We have a wide selection of slatwall and accessory options ideal for every kind of storage shed. Not sure what’s right for you? Call our expert staff, and we’ll point you in the right direction.

How To Make the Most of Your Storage Shed Space