Practical Ways To Store Your Kids’ Outdoor Toys

Practical Ways To Store Your Kids’ Outdoor Toys

While summer is great for getting the kids out of the house, their outdoor toys can make walking through the backyard like navigating a minefield. Below, we offer some practical ways to store your kids’ outdoor toys out of sight and out of harm, from milk crates to laundry baskets.

Hanging Milk Crates

A cheap and easy solution for tool storage that doubles as a great idea for toy storage is hanging some milk crates on a fence, shed, or garage slatwall. If you’re like many garage or tool shed owners with a slatwall for easy vertical storage and accessibility, hanging some simple milk crates on hooks or baskets is an easy outdoor toy storage solution.

All you need for this storage solution are a few crates that you can get at many department stores or even get for free at many grocery or convenience stores. Just install some hooks to the vertical surface, and you’ve got hanging storage crates.

Hanging Tote Bags

Another great way to organize your outdoor items and kids’ toys is with hanging tote bags. At storeWALL, we have many hanging tote bags, big and small, that are ideal for storing dirty outdoor items and sports equipment like footballs, soccer balls, and more.

The Grab & Go Tote bags are see-through, so owners can always see what’s in the bag, and they are easy to attach and detach from the wall when you’re on the go. When you need to get to soccer practice quickly, you can grab the slatwall tote bag with the balls, cleats, and other equipment all in one spot, and you’re on your way!

Laundry Baskets

Simple laundry baskets are practical ways to store kids’ outdoor toys in many households. Laundry baskets are great for outdoor use because they’re durable, affordable, easy to clean, and have holes so the items inside don’t get stained with lingering odors.

You might already have an extra or half-broken laundry basket in your home somewhere, so instead of throwing it out, put it to use for all your outdoor stuff! Plus, laundry baskets can fit easily on a rolling cart for simple transportation.

Hanging Bike Rack

If your family likes to take bike rides together and everyone has their own bike, you know they can be a headache to store. Bikes are awkwardly shaped and can fall off the kickstand with the slightest bump, but there are ways to make storing them much easier.

If your garage has slatwall panels, you only need to install some slatwall hooks to easily hang the bikes on a bike rack. A wall bike rack is especially great for the winter when the bikes go into long-term storage, as you won’t have to worry about hitting the bikes when you park the car in the garage!

Where Can I Get Slatwall for My Garage?

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