4 Home Projects To Take Care of Over a Long Weekend

4 Home Projects To Take Care of Over a Long Weekend

Many homeowners love using a long weekend to take care of some home projects before fall and winter. We have some ideas for simple projects you can take care of over a three or four-day weekend if you’re unsure of where to start. Check them out below!

Weatherproofing the Home

Fall and winter fast approaching means expensive heating bills for many in certain regions of the country. A three-day weekend is as good a time as any to start weatherproofing your home to prepare for the cold season.

Weatherproofing ensures your home doesn’t have any drafts or let cold air in from the outside, causing your heating bills to skyrocket. Install caulk or weather strips around all the doors and windows of your home, especially the older ones, to seal any drafts. Consider holding up a lit candle around your windows to find where outside air is getting in.

Organize the Garage

Another home project to take care of over a long weekend is organizing the garage. With summer mostly over, you can start shifting your garage into fall and winter mode by storing the summer supplies and equipment inside and putting the cold-weather gear front and center.

Now’s a good time to also hang up the family bikes with slatwall bike storage so they’re safe and out of the way for the upcoming season. Hosting a yard sale is a great way to eliminate excess storage and make a few bucks if you’re serious about decluttering the garage.

Seal the Driveway

While an asphalt driveway can last for decades, it’ll crack and disintegrate well before that if you don’t maintain it properly. Sealing your driveway every two to three years is an excellent way to ensure it maintains its condition for decades.

First, you’ll need to clean and scrub the driveway with a driveway cleaning solution and stiff-bristle push broom. After rinsing the soap off the driveway, mix the sealant in a bucket before pouring it onto the driveway and slowly spreading it across with a squeegee.

Improve Yard Drainage

With the heavy rain and snow of fall, winter, and spring approaching, now’s a good time to improve your yard’s drainage to avoid flooding and water damage. You can improve your yard’s drainage in many ways, like aerating the lawn with an aerator that pulls soil to relieve compaction.

Or, a fun project for the whole family is building a rain garden! You’ll have to excavate some soil, level the base, and build a berm and catch basin, but after that, you can plant plenty of water-loving plants that’ll help absorb and distribute water and be a lovely addition to the backyard!