The Benefits of Slatwall Storage Systems

The Benefits of Slatwall Storage Systems

Slatwall storage systems are prevalent in many garages, workshops, and small businesses around the country, but what are their benefits? We explain the advantages of utilizing slatwall panels for storage in your space and where you can find high-quality slatwall below!

Maximized Vertical Storage

The greatest advantage of installing a slatwall in a space is that it immediately increases the maximum vertical storage capacity. For garages, sheds, workshops, and equipment rooms, floor space is often at a premium, which makes vertical storage critical.

While you can hang up shelves and cabinets, doing so is time consuming, expensive, and limited in how much vertical storage it can provide. A slatwall, on the other hand, transforms an entire wall into a versatile vertical storage space capable of holding items big and small, from handheld tools to heavy equipment. If you need all the vertical space possible, it’s the best option.


Another benefit of slatwall storage systems is they allow for easy access to your stored items and equipment. With other vertical storage options like cabinets and shelves, you have to open doors and reach over shelves to access your stored items, which can be annoying and even dangerous for high shelves and cabinets.

What’s great about garage wall panels is that they let you hang everything on the wall and easily access what you need without having to scrounge around cabinets or reach for shelves. And since it’s all on the wall, you know where all your tools and equipment are and whether something’s missing.


Slatwall storage solutions are also great for numerous spaces and areas, from small businesses to garages and fitness areas, because they’re versatile. Whatever you need to store and hang, big or small, you can do so with some simple hooks, baskets, and other slatwall accessories. Examples of things slatwall owners can store on their walls include:

  • Bikes
  • Ladders
  • Sports equipment
  • Workshop tools
  • Art supplies
  • Gardening equipment
  • And more!

Where To Get Slatwall Storage Systems

If you think your garage, home, small business, or other space could benefit from slatwall, storeWALL has you covered! As the premier slatwall panel provider, we have all the supplies and tools you need to transform an ordinary space and wall into a versatile storage system.

Browse our selection of products to order your slatwall today, or contact our staff if you have any questions.