4 Tips for Creating a Home Gym in a Small Space

4 Tips for Creating a Home Gym in a Small Space

Many people are skipping the monthly fees of gyms and fitness centers and investing in home gyms for better value and convenience. If you need to create a home gym in a small space, we’ll help you use your limited space with some simple tips below!

1. Map Out the Room

It’s always best to start with a plan. Before you put in the equipment or even before purchasing equipment for your gym space, it’s wise to sit down and map out the room to use the space efficiently.

Measure your room so that you know how much floor and wall space you have to work with. Also, start going down the list of equipment you have and want to stock your home gym with. You may need to make some compromises on your favorite equipment for items that are more compact and would fit better. Consider how much space you need for your workouts and exercises.

2. Use Multipurpose Equipment

Using multipurpose equipment is a great tip when creating a home gym in a small space. You can use small items like resistant bands, dumbbells, and kettlebells in various ways. They’re also compact enough to store in small spaces.

If you go with a tower or rack, consider ones equipped for things like storing weights. An all-in-one home gym may be expensive, but it’s likely the best bang for your buck in terms of how much equipment you can squeeze into one compact space.

3. Install Vertical Storage

When you’re lacking floor space, vertical storage is your best friend. Especially for home gyms, vertical storage structures, such as slatwall boards, are immensely convenient. They’re ideal for hanging all kinds of fitness equipment and gear.

Our storeWALL slatwall is ideal for home gyms, and we even have fitness bundles to help you get set up with the hooks, shelves, and baskets that any home gym needs. With slatwall, a lack of floor space for a home gym isn’t a problem!

4. Open It Up With Mirrors

Every home gym needs mirrors so that you can focus on your form (and admire your progress). So consider installing a mirror wall opposite your new vertical storage slatwall to practice your technique and open up the room more.

Mirrors can make any small space seem twice its size and prevent the occupants from feeling claustrophobic while working out. A full mirror wall is best, but a simple full-length mirror can get the job done as well.

Where To Find Slatwall for Your Home Gym

If you’re ready to make your home gym more convenient and free up some floor space with a slatwall, storeWALL can help! Browse our selection of slatwall products and check out our fitness bundles to get all the necessities for your home gym today.