The Dos and Don’ts of Using Your Garage As Storage Space

The Dos and Don’ts of Using Your Garage As Storage Space

Many homeowners use their garage as a storage unit for outdoor and miscellaneous items. Check out our list of the dos and don’ts of using your garage as storage space below if you want to update your garage so it’s more efficient and useful.

The Dos of Garage Storage

Declutter First

You’ll first need to prepare your garage if you want to transform it into a lean and efficient storage space. The first step in preparing your garage for storage is to eliminate any excess and unnecessary items accumulated in the space over the years.

The garage is a black hole of storage where miscellaneous items go when the owners can’t figure out what to do with them in the home. Now’s the time to free yourself of this excess baggage and start the new storage space fresh. You can even assemble a yard sale as you declutter to make a few bucks!

Clean Second

Once the garage storage space is free of the excess baggage, it’s much easier to clean. There’s no better time to give your garage a deep cleaning than after decluttering and before you reorganize it. The garage doesn’t have to be spick and span, but it’s better for the things you’re storing if the floors and walls are at least somewhat clean.

Give the garage floor a good scrubbing to remove any oil or grease stains, and use a broom or duster to reach those cobwebs in the corner of the ceiling. Consider applying an epoxy floor coating to the garage floor to make it resist oil stains and easier to clean in the future.

Draft a Floor Plan

Working with a tight garage space, like a one-stall, forces you to be efficient with every inch. So, you’ll want to consider drawing up a floor plan first—especially if you must work around a car or two. Measure how much space you have to work with and without the car(s) in the stall before organizing.

It doesn’t have to be a detailed blueprint with exact measurements and diagrams—a rough sketch of where you want to put the big and small items so everything fits will be much more useful than guesstimating it on the fly. Remember, you’ll want to keep frequently used items, like bikes or the lawnmower, closer to the garage door and keep the long-term storage items in the back and corners, out of the way.

Invest in Slatwall Vertical Storage

Vertical storage is your best friend if you’re working with limited floor space, as it allows you to practically double your storage space and makes it much easier to access items and tools. Consider installing a slatwall to completely maximize your garage storage space.

A Slatwall garage wall organizer allows you to easily install shelves, hooks, and baskets to hang items and tools like ladders, bikes, gardening tools, and more. There’s no easier way to maximize your garage storage space than with a convenient slatwall.

Choose Shelves Instead of Cabinets

While choosing vertical storage for your garage, you should always opt for open shelves instead of closed-door cabinets. While some may like the look of cabinetry in the garage, having a floating shelf is much more convenient than a burdensome and inefficient cabinet.

Shelves are less expensive and easier to install than cabinetry, and it’s much easier to access a shelf’s contents. Cabinetry doors get in the way and are an excuse to leave things disorganized in the compartment, so consider shelves instead.

Use Clear Storage Bins

Investing in clear, plastic, stackable storage bins and totes rather than cardboard or wooden boxes is best when choosing storage bins and boxes for your garage storage space. While they may sometimes be more expensive than simple cardboard boxes, plastic totes and bins offer many storage advantages.

They’re much more durable than cardboard, and many have airtight seals to keep moisture and pests out no matter what. Also, the clear plastic makes it easier to find what you’re looking for when searching your storage bins!

Invest in Secure Door and Window Locks

Garages are common targets for thieves, especially if it’s a detached garage because they know many homeowners use them to store expensive or antique items. You’ll want to ensure your valuable items are safe and secure with security measures like deadbolt doors, window locks, and motion-sensing outdoor lights if you plan on keeping them in your garage.

The Don’ts of Garage Storage

Store Electronics in a Garage

You should avoid storing temperature-sensitive items, especially electronics, in your garage if it doesn’t have climate-control features. Many homeowners will keep things like a spare television or other home electronic equipment in their garage, but the temperature fluctuations and conditions can be destructive to sensitive electronic equipment.

Plus, expensive electronic equipment is another target for would-be thieves, so keeping such items in your home where they’re safer is best.

Store Things That Attract Pests and Animals

Another thing you want to avoid storing in your garage is anything that could attract pests or animals. Store firewood outside and away from the home and garage as they’re magnets for pests and termites, and you don’t want to invite those into your garage or home.

Pet food is another thing many homeowners will keep in their garage, but it can be trouble. The food can attract other pets and animals like raccoons or skunks, and you don’t want your garage to become a feeding ground for animals like that!

Skimp on the Lighting

A common oversight for many garage owners is the lighting. Many think that one overhead bulb above the garage stall is enough, but it won’t provide much useful light in the corners of the garage or at night.

Consider investing in more practical and vibrant fluorescent fixtures for your garage that make the entire garage more visible. It’ll make those excursions into the space to look for tools and items at night much easier!

Where To Get Slatwall for My Garage

We hope our guide on the dos and don’ts of using your garage as a storage space helps turn your garage into a convenient, efficient, and secure storage area. There’s no better place to get your Slatwall from than storeWALL if you’re ready to install one for your garage. Browse our selection of Slatwall products online and contact our staff if you have any questions on what’s best for your garage.

The Dos and Don’ts of Using Your Garage As Storage Space