Ways To Add More Storage Space to Your Mudroom

Ways To Add More Storage Space to Your Mudroom

The mudroom is great for storing many things, from footwear to outdoor coats, jackets, and more. But it can also be difficult to fit everything into such a tight space. We have some ideas below if you’re looking for ways to add more storage space to your mudroom!

Replace Hangers With Hooks

Replacing hangers with hooks is a simple but effective way to make your mudroom feel much bigger with greater storage potential. If you have a closet in the mudroom with a bar full of hooks, consider replacing it with a wall of hanging hooks.

While we may be used to hanging up our jackets and coats in a hanger, they take up much more needed room—while hooks are much easier to use and take up much less space. No more fumbling for hangers in a dark closet!

Add Slatwall Vertical Storage

Another useful way to instantly add more storage space to your mudroom is to add vertical storage with a slatwall. A slatwall makes it easy to hang up all kinds of vertical storage structures, from open shelves and hooks to racks and more.

And because the slatwall takes up the entire wall, you can move the hooks and shelves however you’d like, depending on the season or your space needs. You can even install a bike rack to keep your bike hanging up in your mudroom and out of the way!

Use Underneath-Bench Storage

Another strategy many homeowners have begun using for their mudrooms or entryways is bench storage. By installing a bench with storage spaces underneath, homeowners can knock out two birds with one stone. They can add a place to sit to take off shoes or boots and provide storage space to put them.

Installing a bench is straightforward, affordable, and a comfortable spot to get ready, especially for those who have to strap on their winter gear before heading out!

Get Vertical Storage Baskets

Homeowners can add hanging baskets to their new slatwall to have more storage as well. At storeWALL, we have plenty of slat board accessories for homeowners to utilize, including vertical storage baskets that are durable and practical.

Instead of stuffing boots, hats, gloves, and whatever else you keep in your mudroom into drawers or other compartments, you can toss them in the hanging baskets. They keep your stuff off the dirty floor of the mudroom and make the storage contents visible. So you’ll always know where they are!

Where To Get a Slatwall for Your Mudroom

If you’re ready to maximize the vertical storage space of your mudroom, storeWALL can help! Browse our selection of slatwall panels online and contact our staff if you have questions about our products or need help finding the right slat boards for your home.